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Support weapons?

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Jersey gamer

Jersey gamer

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Hi all just wondering if support weapons are fun to play??

I'v only just started going to walk ons but me and my friends had a private battlefield years ago on a huge farm...
in all the time we played none of us ever owned one.

I was thinking of buying one but have already baught 3 new guns in the last 2 months. one of witch arrives this friday intime for sundays game.

anyway was wondering what people think ???




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in a defensive game, where you can get a decent arc covered and just stop ANY attacks, worth it.

most games, where many people use them as heavy assault rifles with huge mags, no. just get a box mag for your enevitably owned M4/M16 variant.

EDIT: just noticed the ACTUAL question you asked. Yes. yse they ARE fun. who doesn't want to shoot for 2 nd a half minutes non stop?

Send the doctors home, I'll be doing the operating around here.


Resident Patrol Base Techy, any questions about PB, message me and I'll do my best to answer.



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If you use them properly they can be a bid advantage to your team and even could turn the tide of battle :)

Black Fox

Black Fox

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Jersey gamer

I've been playing the support gunner role for several years now. It can be a lot of fun and challenging. The guns I have used are an M240, m249 and a RPK.

As memcwho said, in a good defensive position with a good field of fire, it can be a whole lot of fun. And in a target rich environment, you can enjoy the slaughter. Unfortunately, those opportunities don't come around as often as you think.

More often you will find yourself on the move and on offense. You'll soon find out that it's harder being a support gunner than a regular infantry man. The biggest issue is the weight. If you're used to running & jumping around in the wood like a deer, you can forget. With all that weight you be more like a lumbering bear.

Also, if you tend to be a loner, a super flanker and like to be a little fox or a snake in the grass. Forget it. You're not going to like being a support gunner. First of all, when you're a loner, you frequently run into more surprised situation. In order to survive, you need a gun that is small and light so you can get the drop on any opponent that suddenly appears. You're not going to do that with a SAW. You're going to be to slow to be a super flanker. As for being a snake it the grass. Just try crawling a good distance with a SAW.

Remember, as a support gunner, your primary job is suppression. To pin the other guys down so that your team mates can advance on their position. To be the most effective on offense, is to move with an organized group so that they can cover your weaknesses.

When I play with a SAW, I like my guns to have a slow rate of fire. I do this by using a 7.2v or 8.4v battery. This allows me to hold the trigger down for a long period of time. Even though I may not be actually hitting a lot of targets, a long sustained burst can cause several psychological effects. The first one is paralysis. Guys will hunker down and stay there because they donít want to get shot. Leaving your guys free to flank and take him out. Other guys will start freaking out and just want to get out of the hot zone. Even though they might be in a safe position, they may leave it just to get out. If your team mates or you are in good position, he will be easy pickins, like flushing pheasant out of a bush. The last one is frustration. After being pinned for a while some guys may get frustrated. When they do, they are more likely to make mistakes and get shot. Also, if they are near metal and plastic materials that make a lot of noise (metal sheds are the best!). Go to town on those items too. The amplified noise will just add to their misery.

So, as you can see. Playing with a SAW has it's pros & cons. It can be a lot of fun but challenging too.

By the way, make sure you get a nice padded sling. If will reduce the fatigue of carrying a heavy gun.

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