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M203 for G36C enquiry

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The Atomic Punk

The Atomic Punk

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Hey all!

Just a few more considerations for upgrades on my G36c and I was thinking about attaching a lovely grenade launcher to it to make me look as manly as possible............as well as giving me a slight advantage on the battle field.

I know they're going to be hugely expensive, but I was wondering where the best place to get one compatible would be.




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For a G36C I would just go madbull short launcher, fits onto the RIS at the front. very simple.
This will cost around 80


this may work better...
$250... I KNOW you can get ones cheaper than this, buit I really CBA doing research ito a gun I'll (probably) never get.

Dont forget to factor in shell cost, either go madbull or king arms...
then gas.
then decide on a BB weight you want:
lioghter gives a larger spread and travels further, heavier ones dont.

also, you CAN put cheaper BB's into 40mm 'nades due to the BB just being pushed by air in a not particularly long tube, ther is no chance of it getting jammed. (i THINK, can't see any reason why it would)

Send the doctors home, I'll be doing the operating around here.


Resident Patrol Base Techy, any questions about PB, message me and I'll do my best to answer.



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TBH if you dont think you will use it i wouldnt get one there kind of like sniper rifles you have to play a certain way on a certain terrain for them to be effective or its just going to be a massive metal tube on the front of your weapon weighing you down

But thats just my opinion :)

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