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CA Scar issue

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I recently learned never to lend someone a rifle to use in airsoft as my scar's stock is broken. Its hard to find Classic Army scar parts but i was wondering if anyone knew where i could fin some. btw i have tried to super glue it but to no avail.

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I'm not sure if you can have this shipped to the UK, but I hunted this down for you: http://www.evike.com...e2a61eda53c08ce

Though it does say slight modification might be needed. Good luck getting it sorted. I ended up having to source a part for my MP5 after letting a mate borrow it for less than one hour, it took me just over a month to find a replacement piece. I actually ended up getting the shop I bought it from to hunt one down for me, that's probably your best bet as well.

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I've had similar issues with my Echo 1 SCAR, except mine broke in two other places as well. I've done a lot of research and experimenting and what I've discovered is that these stocks are not built very well, they seem to break on a lot of SCARs. Mine is currently repaired but I used Gorilla superglue to do it and I'm not sure how well it'll hold (although it seems to be surprisingly sturdy). If you want to replace what's been broken on yours, it looks like you will have to get the Echo 1/Dboys stock and modify it like Airsoft-Ed suggested.



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i know that if you ring fire support or mad badger airsoft they will order a replacement part from hk for you.

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