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Ares L1A1

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O.k, so I realised that most sites won't allow mu U.S-spec KWA, being around 370 fps, so I need a gun that is weaker, and was looking at a Fal, but since most fals are out of stock, at Zero one, and Wolf armouries, and since I need a site that will spray it, I thought I'd go for the Ares, L1A1 SLR, the trusty British version, from Wolf armouries. What is every bodies opinion on this gun, Is it reliable, Is it work the 400 odd pounds including spraying and a battery? Also, will Zero-one have the other Fals, and L1a1's back in stock before June, which is kind of when I need it, because since it probably isn't a popular gun, I can't imagine them getting it in any time soon.
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First off I'd say to be wary of Ares, they aren't the greatest company ever, but they're probably your best bet if you're after a L1A1.
I think it's just Ares and King Arms that make them.
If anyone else makes FAL variants, go for that third option instead. My mate has the King Arms and it's terrible and I've heard numerous people moan about Ares.

The other thing is, that in my experience FAL variants are a mega pain in the arse to find magazines for. If you're happy using hi-caps then you'll manage alright, but I've not found a single place that sells mid caps or real caps in a box set yet, so you're left with having to buy King Arms mid caps on their own and KA FAL mags are sh... Crap.

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