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advice please

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i am not into airsoft but i think that this is a good site for my needs!
i ntend to build a full size ww1 vickers machine gun replica [sent for the plans!] how do i stand with the law when i have built this??
and if i did convert it to airsoft how would i stand then? it would be a bit big to hold up the local bank but since plod hasnt much in the way of brains,
any idea's



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Basically, you'd probably need a defence of some sort, what do you plan on using it for? The whole thing about Realistic guns, although the situation is generally about trashing a bank, with a real machine gun, whether it is old or not, you can kill someone and probably hold police off for a long time...if it was just as a collectors piece then i would say you just need to talk it over with the police and make sure you are over 18 :) i am sure Finius or Nickona can help you, there should be a search button near the top on a dark grey bar, next to that is members :) (And Private message them)


It's ares, it'll be ok...

for 5 minutes :lol:

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i am sure Finius or Nickona can help you, there should be a search button near the top on a dark grey bar, next to that is members :) (And Private message them)

ahhh thanks Zak!

anyway it all depends on what you are using it for or what your reasons for having it are, these are defences. There are loads of defences the most common being airsoft and that is having UKARA confirming you skirmish. However, if it is for use in a film, theatre or re-enactment then those are also defences. Also I think collectors are allowed them but again you have to be able to show that you are collecting WWI weapons for instance.
However, just having one because you want one is not allowed. The police don't care if its hard to rob a bank with one all they are about if is if it looks like a real gun which it does

hope this helps

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