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First A.E.G - Dboy's Scar

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Hi, new to the forum and airsofting, (been once and got two booked for next month - im hooked lol).

Well, im browsing around for my first A.E.G, my budget is 200 (including any extra bits like sight / mags etc).

ive looked at quite a few guns (including JG AUG A3, JG HK 416, ARMY L85, CYMA AK-74) but the Scar has caught my eye and there are two places to buy it:

Combat angel (they have two tone service): http://www.combatang...om-hk-215-p.asp
Rsov (half the price but no two tone so cant get it): http://rsov.com/inde...product_id=2364
I've found some bits on Rsov if i do get the scar. (mags, sling, red dot) for 1/2 the price as they are over here.

ive read and watched many reviews, and it seems good.

compared with others externals are 10/10, but internals arn't.
this review gives some upgrade paths: http://infectedairso...s/dboys-scar-l/ (at the bottom)
Upgrades on the cheap. (Things that must be done to make it reliable.)
7mm Metal Bushings
Shims (reshimming)
O-ring replacement (#116 o-ring from a hardware store)
Hop Up Rubber (Guarder)

Recommended (Mid level) upgrades.
7mm bearings
Cylinder Head (Area 1000 or equivalent)
Piston Head (Area 1000 or equivalent)
Piston (Guarder)
Motor (Tokyo Marui EG1000)
Hop Up Rubber (Firefly Hard Bucking)

Performance upgrades (high reliability & increased performance)
7mm Bearings
Cylinder Head (Guarder)
Piston Head (Prometheus POM)
Piston (Prometheus Hard Piston)
Motor (G&P M120 for high ROF or G&P M160 for high torque)
Wiring (18 gauge silicone wire with a high strand count)
Deans Connectors to replace the stock Tamiya connectors
Hop Up Rubber (Firefly Hard Bucking)
Mosfet with braking

i probably would go recommended as performance is past my budget

do i even need to upgrade in you opinion?
would you recommend an absolute novice go about replacing parts?
are there many 'upgrade' places about and how much would they charge?
is the Dboy's scar good for a beginner?
is there anyway i could get the scar from rsov, such as any shops that would import it for me?
any other advice you can give me?

Thanks in advance,
Adam, a.k.a 'Grimfist'




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From what I believe, D-boys are a good make, for the money.

As for upgrading, see if there is a local shop nearby that can add the metal bushings and internal upgrades. You should be alright with its current hop-rubber. As for gearbox tuning, see a specialist.

Send the doctors home, I'll be doing the operating around here.


Resident Patrol Base Techy, any questions about PB, message me and I'll do my best to answer.

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