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What should I buy/do next?

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Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw

    AF-UK Newbie

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  • Guns: JG G36C
I have a JG G36C with two high capacity magazines, two batteries, a foregrip and a cheap 15 red dot sight.
I wear Woodland DPM and a backpack to carry spare battery, BBs and water.

I'm just wondering what to get next, I want a side arm but my step-brother, who is absolutely amazing and has clearly not typed this for me, reckons I should get G36 parts and a vest/gear before I get a side arm as I don't need one.

I'm on a kinda low budget of 100 for now, but I could save up more in the future if it's worth doing.
What would you recommend for me?




    AF-UK Regular

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  • Guns: 3 x G & G M4 (inc 1 Blowback)
    TM MP5A3
    2 xCyma Glock
    M203 stand alone GL
    M700 Sniper

  • Loadouts: Any old Shite I have lying around but mainly a set of M65 and a Vest.
IMHO I would go with a backup Pistol, if your main Weapon chucks it's Hand in halfway through the Game you're up Shite Creek without a Paddle.
You can get nice Glock 18Cs etc (electric) for around 70 these days.
Need to stop spending Money on Toy Guns and stuff :-( DREAM ON !




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I play a very competitive game. I like to win, or at the very least, if I'm going to lose, I like to make the opposing team's lives hard.

My advice to you is this; look at your game, what do you want from it? You want to win? Then you need to look at those who succeed at your site, see what they do, how they style their game, work from that.

To give you an example. It took me six months to find a chest rig/plate carrier I liked, specifically, I need something that can turned into a belt-rig if I need it, and has a generally low profile. This is cause I get on the floor a lot and my frame is large, cover is not Finius-friendly, I often stick out, so keeping a low profile is even more important for me.

I play a lot of restricted ammo games, so I only use midcaps, I know exactly what I'm chucking at the enemy and in what quantities; having several different colour or design of mags allows me to separate out certain ammo types for use in certain situations (different weights, tracer rounds etc).

The lesson really, is just think about what you want; maybe you're just a casual player, in which case go for a pistol, they're awesome fun. Maybe you want to have a gun that people stop and stare at and they think "dude, that's sick", in which case, get some awesome accessories for it that make it look badass or whatnot, maybe you just want to be awesome, in which case buy a KTW flintlock and a pirate hat.

It's your call...

Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw

    AF-UK Newbie

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  • Guns: JG G36C
i was thinking of getting this pistol http://www.zerooneai...roducts_id=1876
but what is your opinion and what would you buy??


Liam Porter

Liam Porter

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  • Guns: -
    Well MB-01 (L96)
    TM Glock 17
    G&P M16A3 with RIS Kit

  • Loadouts: -
    Woodland DPM
    Viper Leg Holster (black)
    Viper LA SF Vest (Black)

  • Sites: -
    Free Fire Zone (FFZ)
    Modern Airsoft Warfare (MAW)
    Urban Assault (UA)
I'll tell you what you should do..

Your gun's fine for our local site, in that it's under 345 FPS, is full auto, relatively new and there's always gonna be a backup gun somewhere in our party when we go if yours breaks. A side arm isn't necessary because you don't have a sniper like I do, you have an assault rifle/CQB rifle - so no minimum engagement.
I think a pistol is a bit of a waste of money, concentrate on what you have and upgrading it before you get another gun.

Start with the hop and barrel, I've used your gun and the hop on it is so rubbish, get a good replacement, I don't know what's a good G36 hop unit, but I'm sure someone else can point one out? :)
I'm not sure what JG G36 gearboxes are like and I can't be bothered to use Google. Seeing the gun's only ~150 I presume it could be a lot better and isn't going to last too long. Various parts may need replacing, or even the whole thing, again, someone else can point out what's most likely to be needed.

Onto magazines, batteries and gear.
I know you're looking to get a few mid caps, so stick with that idea - I like it. And you've always got your two hi-caps to use if you need to.
Batteries, you're fine, 8.4v, 1400 & 1600 MaH batteries are fine for a day's airsofting with your play style :).
Your load carrying needs sorting. A backpack water bottle, spare BBs, battery and (possibly) magazines in it is not practical. Get a vest like I have recently, look around for ones that hold G36 style magazines. Can anyone suggest a vest, make it a cheap-ish starter one, around 30-40.
Also, change your boots - they're red.

Above will pretty much kit you out, excluding a suitable side arm.
Next, I'd either get a side arm, or another AEG as backup.
The pistol you posted I presume is going to be very similar in quality and reliability to my TM Glock 17. Definitely a good buy if so.

Thanks guys, and you'd better read this Sam!

Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw

    AF-UK Newbie

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  • Guns: JG G36C
i think that ill upgrade my g36 and get some mid-caps but i need help to find a vest that will take g36 magazines.
what hop unit, motor and gearbox parts would you recommend?

thanks for the reply guys



    AF-UK Veteran

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  • Guns: have: ics cxp, cyma ak tactical, 2x ak beta spetz, owned lots

  • Loadouts: Ukranian TTSKO + assault vest, or OD PLCE

suoth african assault vest takes g36 mags and can be picked up cheap
or an issue assault vest can be had for around 20-30 on ebay as well and has shed loads of pouches




    AF-UK Addict

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  • Guns: ICS L85, ICS M4, CYMA AK105, TM G36c, A&K M249 Para, WE MP5A5, FNX .45, KJW P226.

  • Loadouts: UK Police and Contemporary British Army kit.

  • Sites: Gunman Eversley
    Red 1 Airsoft - The School
    Reforger Airsoft
    The Mall
I have a spare SAAV going in black if you really want it mate, 15 sounds good, that is, if you do want it? :)

It's ares, it'll be ok...

for 5 minutes :lol:

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