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Cellphone IED Project

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an IED? yeah why not it would be interesting

one bag of flour 1
cheap walkie talkie set 5-10
the inner of an airsoft grenade or two 5
some wire 0.50
watching it go up priceless

if i hide maybe the stupid people will go away
I'm so gorgeous they want to put me under arrest




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Just to clarify an area of law which people seem to find murky here:

it is not an offence to discuss the existence or composition of items that can be/are only used for illegal activities. Not at all. Not ever. Not in any context whatsoever. Not using any medium whatsoever. No matter who may overhear/read it. It is however an offence to incite another (even if that 2nd or 3rd party is unknown and/or unknowable/able to be proven to not exist) to commit an offence.

This has particular relevance for hosting forums where illegal activities are discussed, because a person admitting to having done something illegal and enjoying it not only doubly incriminates themself, but opens the host and potentially also the forum owner up to being prosecuted for conspiracy to incite a criminal offence. This is the origin of the term 'Someone Who Isn't Me': a ubiquitous ne'erdowell whose activities are hearsay. SWIM can be as naughty as the forum owners' sense of aesthetics/morals allow and boast about the joys of doing so too, but the moment another member says something like "Yeah, right on!", is the moment the line has been crossed.

Re: hard to tamper with screws - Maplin is the easiest place to get the right bits/drivers. Most consumer electronics use some kind of funky screws/bolts so you need the tools to fix 'em and you can take the thing with you to check in store that a tool does fit.

Re: what will work to set off Maroons - as a rule of thumb you want to check that the output impedance isn't wildly different to the input impedance and that the voltages roughly match. So, if the headphone socket on a phone has an output impedance of say 16 ohms, and you connect it to a device that you want it to activate with an input impedance of 4 ohms, you will burn out the output and in this case there may not be a fuse between the amp and socket.

Something way cheaper that you may consider in place of maroons is the igniters used for toy rockets - they're a tiny loop of wire with a blob of some kind of phosphor mixture that catches fire when you put a voltage across it. I expect you'd need a solenoid or transistor circuit for the radio receiver to activate allowing the main battery to connect to the igniter, but this would only need to be built sturdily once. Afterwards you would just replace the igniter each time. The igniter would be stuck to the strike tab of any ordinary flashbang or smoke bomb. This may also be a bit more palatable to airsoft site marshals as they are insured for such pyros, but maybe not improvised pyros made from maroons...

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If I was to create a homemade remote detonation device for pyrotechnics for use at a registered and insured airsoft site, I would probably just use a door bell and mosfet.

I'm not sure I'd be comfortable ensuring the saftey of other players with such a device though, and certainly not without the consent and aid of the owners of the site/marshalls.

Also I suspect that you might need some pyrotechnics license or qualification IF it would require you to tamper with the pyro. However the electricly fired maroons you spoke of sound pretty interesting.

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