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coloured tape on mags

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looking at some peoples loadouts ive noticed people putting a small coloured band around the bottom of their mags (not talking about poor mans mag pull or twin mags). now i know why you would do this on a real gun if you are using different rounds etc but why on a airsoft rifle? only reason i can see is to tell the difference between your mags e.g. low/mid/highs any others?




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I have a huge stockpile of magazines.

Some are 30 round, others are 50, others are 85, 120, 330 or 400+, all of them, for the most part look similar being as it's an M4...I also always carry one or two magazines with different ammo weights in (my "stock" weight is .25, I tend to carry one 85 or 120 rounder of both .2 or .3), so I label my mags using tape to designate their weight and then they have symbols on them to designate capacity (my plastic 85s for example have to triangles, red and blue base to base on each side)...

When I finish my tracer unit I'll also use something to designate tracer magazines and different ammo colours (some colours are more useful than others in certain circumstances)...

Most people just use it to designate mag type or "mag priority" (A friend I have uses a rainbow system to show which mags he should use in which order)...



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I use blue electrical tape, so I can see them when I've dropped the b*ggers on the floor. They also have my name on them so if someone finds them and hands them in I can buy them a choccy bar as thanks!



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yes shep thats the only reason i do it. i use bright orange on mine



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i have blue tape on all my kit guns, mags, lbv, ect for three reasons
one ive got my name and number under the tape
second my team in ireland is blue team
three i/we tend to drop my mag's when there empty

if i hide maybe the stupid people will go away
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I see one fatal floor in that craig you need to start throwing the mags (enpty) at the enemy to confuse or something

i use green orange red and i have one high cap with brown tape (when the sh*t hits the fan mag for normal skirmishes) but green for all mags on my chest rig orange for the mags on my battle belt red for the one in the mag pouch on my stock. And the high cap is in a utility pouch on my battle belt to the rear which is replaced with a medical pouch on milsims

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