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Airsoft Virgin needs your help! lol

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Hi all :)

My first post, how embarrassin lol.

Im hoping i can get some good advise from you airsoft pro's! As explained in the title i am very new to airsofting. I haven't yet attended any official skirmishes, only private battles with friends. I own a very cheap and low quality BB gun that has terrible FPS and range which puts me at a terrible disadvantage (The obvious reason bein my friends and family having Tokyo Marui guns hahaha - I get destroyed lol). I have jut started at my new job and do not have the funds to purchase a full quality airsoft gun yet but am desperate to upgrade. Sorry if im boring you with my life story haha. What i am planning on doing is purchasing a new 'springer' rifle i have had my eye on for a while and my question's are . . . . . . .

1) Do you think its worth upgrading from my electric rifle to a 'springer'?

2) What are the Pro's and Con's of 'Electric' and 'Springer' rifles?

3) Does anyone know anything about the 'Springer' i have my eye on?

Here is the Link for the 'Springer' i am interested in - http://www.justbbgun.....L85A2 CARBINE

Here is a link to the current weapon i have - http://www.justbbgun...e... M4 CARBINE

Hopefully you guys can gve me some good advise :)

Many thanks





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1. no. wait untill you can afford something along the lines of a JG MP5/M4A1

2. Electric pro's: rapid fire, fairly cheap to maintain. cons: water and electricity doesnt mix.
Springer pro's: at your price range.... none.... Cons: reliable(ish) less to go wrong.

3. not really. cant say i know anything about it. stick with the M4 for now

But seriously, If your feinds have TM weapons, just keep saving up and dont worry about getting pwned.
Something along the lines of a JG M4A1, JG G36, Cyma glock 18C even?

try looking around a bit more. Airsoft world and actionhobbys only ever get good praise and are reasonably priced.

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cons: water and electricity doesnt mix.

Dont let this put you off, most are watertight and loads of people do/have played when its heavy rain including me and a few others here, actually good fun.

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New To Airsoft? | Transporting RIF's?

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Welcome to the forums :)



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I would advise you to save up for something that could compete in an organised airsoft event. Then you can take part in bigger games and have tons more fun. 

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Can i Advise to read the Date's?

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true.. I wonder how he found the thread, never the less I dont always read the dates, and he was only trying to be helpful^^



wonder why OPs friend didn't lend him a proper RIF for the battles. we might never find out.

I had a similar issue with my ICS AK hicap, threw it against a tree and bob's your uncle.


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