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The ergonomic factor

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Will admit, When i hold an airsoft rifle, i see it in the same way as i do a real steel, only thing that i hate about any rifle is how it holds in the shoulder, and thats why i dont like the 5 position stock you get on the M4, as the buttplate is just too small. Plus i can naver get past the chargin handel on the M4/M16, which i spose is why i liked the masada so much when it came out.

for me, Id like a nice weighted weapon which feels sturdy which feels like i can knock down a wall with it and it will still work. i couldnt really care less what it looks like.

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SIG P229 - nice bulky grips, but not massive. Slimmer than a P226, which I find to be a little bit too big. Nice and balanced. Easy to draw and then use, as it's a semi-compact pistol.

How could I forget the LR300?!

stock folds really well and really quickly

Surely you mean did fold really well, erm after Rob... :P
Have to agree with you Dave, after you let me borrow that LR300 I dam near bought one of the bloody things. I honeslty think it's one of the most comfortable airsoft weapons I've picked up, the stock is the correct length for me.

I enjoyed using the M82. I mean, running into an enemy bunker complex with the thing, definitly not something you see (or do) everyday! But, I had no idea how to put the bipod back up after I took it down, the thing was unbalanced, and being that heavy made it even worse. The stock was the wrong shape for me, it made it difficult to carry in any position other than aiming down sights (I assume that's why you had it over your shoulder for that reason)

Personally Dave, I found the pump action on your shottie is a little too hard, I really didn't enjoy using it that much. The rest of it was fine (length, weight, sights) but after about 3 shots I could barely use it.
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SIG P229 - nice bulky grips, but not massive. Slimmer than a P226, which I find to be a little bit too big. Nice and balanced. Easy to draw and then use, as it's a semi-compact pistol.

Sigh. One day ill have a P229. One day.



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poor cheek weld, iron sights are funky, but once aligned my head stays there fairly easily.
on 'auto' the selector rubs the top of your trigger finger
stock is too short
It's VERY front heavy
easy to use mag release.
backup realease is almost unuseable.
very poor ergonomics, but somehow, because they are ALL bad, the gun functions for it's purpose really well (CQB fast movements)

Got to agree with Dave here on most bits, especially when its in full auto the ambidextrous selector is a right pain in the whatsits. Still I love my MP5, despite the fact the M4 is much easier to sight down, I still keep falling back to my MP5. Don't know why, but there something about it that just makes it work. Prob helped by fixed full stock, so my batt is further back improving the balance. I now also have a lighted fore grip, and that really seems to work ergonomically. Will know more once I put it through its paces tomorrow.

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