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Unfair advantage

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We all work on improving our guns to get that edge. Optics, bipods, tight bore, launchers, whatnot. But at the end of the day thou, this is a game and needs to be somewhat balanced to be enjoyable.

I know people use night vision, witch I, unless used by everyone, is against. Playing in the dark provide a nice challenge, harder to spot and aim, unless you want to give your position away with a torch. To have something that enables you to see in the dark, I just think its not good sportsmanship.

I also read in a few forums now about "corner shoot", witch been around for ages but now is made a bit more easily available and universal fit. Can you imagine the only thing you can shoot at is a small gun sticking out around the corner (aimed at you rather than just being fired blindly)? or can you imagine a game with everyone use corner shoot around the corners and over the obstacles? Fun game... gonna look a bit like starwars.

Also, what is your thoughts on using a mirror to prepare yourself on whats in the next room?

On the other hand, if the reddot wasn't invented and everyone played with iron sights I'd think reddot would be extremely unfair. Where does the limit go?

dont be surprised if this is what you play against in your game!
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I had a similar issue with my ICS AK hicap, threw it against a tree and bob's your uncle.


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serious stuff / AK picture thread

Liam Porter

Liam Porter

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I don't like people using night vision, should be stick to the old fashioned torch :P, and that corner shoot thing, stupid & unfair, what if gun hits don't count?



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but isnt that the point of airsoft to be as realistic as it can be.
you cant just run and gun, if you know that your are playing at night and the guys you are playing against are using night n=vision then you have to be more aware of it, and become more engrosed into the game, as for each advantage a personn has, tey will always have a disadvantage to even out the playing feild.
Night vision game, shine a bright light towards the guy with the night vision and he will be temp distracted as the bright light would hurt his eyes, much the same way as when a flash bang goes off, only he will be the one suffering the effects.

If a guy is using corner shoot, means you have to be more stragitic, but it also means you have to work on teamwork and flanking tactics as if he has his gun pointed round a left turn flack him on the right and he wont be able to snap it over quick enough.

You may call it unfair advantage, but nothing is ever fair, and thats what makes it more realistic.

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Nothing wrong with night vision, unless its turbo expensive stuff then its not as amazing as you might expect.
I own a good gen1 monocular with head strap but i still have to constantly rotate the end to focus for various distances and the image has a "fish eye" type tint to it.



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Agree with sheriff on this one especially when people go o milsim ops or weekkenders

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night vision sight on my m4 with and IR torch on the side i also wear a IR beacon so my brother can spot me and he dose the same but to balance this out a mix glow in the dark BB's in my mags
i carry a small mirror (4"by4") on telescopic pole's and a view other things
but its not like i go out and buy these most of my kit was given to me and the rest a buy for work

if i hide maybe the stupid people will go away
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