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Prototyping a Firearm

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Jacob Wright

Jacob Wright

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The title describes it all really, does anyone know anything about prototyping a firearm design?

Any help will do!
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before prototyping it patent it or someone will patent it themselves if its good and i would suggest contacting a weapons manufacturer and doing a deal if its any good

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first thing is first, Obv being designed for airsoft, and not real steel, you can go bullshit crazy with the design and it will work.
Best thing to do is get a rugh idea what you are after, soo drawings are best idea, look at a few rifles that you want to base the design off. just to get the idea where the place things.

once you have your basic concept drawing go into a CAD software and draw out the design try to add as much detail as you can, now at this stage you can either go stright for the two part reciver design and fit the prototye together, or the way id advise which yes takes longer but more advisable. is to crate the whole outer look for the rifle, and not to worry about anything internal untill after you have made a rough prototype.

Once you have got your CAD design finished revise it firstly. then try and find a 3D printer, perferable one that uses plastic to print, so either a Fused Deposition Modeling printer or a Selective Laser Sintering 3d printer, you can normally find business in the area maybe further afield that offer this service.

Once you have your prototype "printed" out, look over the design, feel how it holds in the arms, see if its a suitable design and if you would feel comfortable running though the woods with it, now once at that point. is when you want to patient it. but doing so is costly and you can either decide on a uk or world wide patient your choice.

the next part of the design process would be to take your original CAD design and then make a more detailed version so kinda like those exploded view diagrams you get with some guns/rc cars or other toys/equipment. now to get the idea how you are going to lace the internal kit, you will need to look at other rifles get measurments of the brackets they have built inside to house electronics or you can get the measurments from the parts you plan to fit and go for a custom fiting of only the best parts. you chioce, then take a look at your first prototype and try and picture how you would want to take the rifle apart, this will help when in the CAD software trying to decide where the cut the main body into the upper and lower section.

now i could quite easily write a f*ck load more on this subject, but i think if you need o know more you can just ask.

just looked it can cost up to 300quid for just a uk patent.

ahhh bugger, just looked it up, most people that offer printing service dont have fullsized machines and those that do charge a f*cking lot,

So when doing your cad design you are going to need to break the model up into 4 sections, upper, lower, stock, furniture/forgrip/barrel shroud depending on design. id personaly make the design with out a pistol grip then jst fit on a magpul one :D

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