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post for post sake

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sorruy need to pm someone and this is the only way to get around your silly forum rules
important message about scammer



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silly? why didnt you make a constructive post instead of being a w*nker ? :lol:



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? have no idea, what the hell you are talking about mate,....

plus, this forum is my favourite because its simple lol

It's ares, it'll be ok...

for 5 minutes :lol:

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If you don't like the rules then leave.
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No need to call him stuff chaps we don't need to lower ourselves.

Perhaps you would care to post about the scammer and enlighten us all to his behaviour? Surely that would be much more beneficial than sending one PM? Maybe I have the wrong end of the stick.

The PM restriction is so that if any spammers/scammers do manage to register, and they're a bot, they are then baffled by the fact they need 1 post. It's a great system.

Edit: It also encourages those that simply want to come here to use the forums as a way of selling/buying to participate in the community.



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I didnt know we had to post atleast once lol

I'm Craig, God's Boss!




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yes to stop spambot's PM'ing everyone it isnt a "stupid rule"

sigh.. just should of posted saying hi or a message about said scammer.

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Welcome to the forums :)



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Agreed Matt, it could of been constructive or informative, but in his defense he contacted me about my scammer troubles, who seems to have affected upwards of seven people already.

Just need proof, then i believe the police can get involved. Have to do more reading though.



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sorruy need to pm someone and this is the only way to get around your silly forum rules
important message about scammer

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I had a similar issue with my ICS AK hicap, threw it against a tree and bob's your uncle.


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