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Any good for medium long range airsoft?

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I am wanting to have a gun good enough to cope with medium to long range airsoft battles in woodland areas. This is the gun I currently own: http://www.actionhob...dy_AS4SI.aspx?0

I was wondering if I could put it a longer barrel, new hop up and a scope (maybe 2x zoom or Something)and if that would make it able to cope with medium to long range.

Thanks, Rorb



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Yeah, if you are willing to spend some money tuning up your internals, you will start to see an improvement. you can always add a silencer to hide a long tightbore if you need



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Yeah it'll be ok so long as u upgrade
Barrel length won't make a differnce.

Get a good tightbore (prometheus or pdi) a new hop up set,
Madbull ultimate unit, blue rubber will be good.

For a scope get an elcan spectre or acog



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It should be fine as is, just tune your hop unit to get optimum range.

If the gun is already 350fps, then a tightbore will put it over most site limits as it will add aprox 20fps

Kings arms guns are very good guns as normal, not seen their 2 tone versions before, but if the internals are like their full metals then its fine.

Best thing would be give a bit more information.
What is the range at the moment? What weight of bb's are you using? You can upgrade by changing barrels, hop rubbers, gears, motors and the like but unless you can tune your hop you are stuffed.

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