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Paintballer moving to Airsoft

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Steve A

Steve A

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My names Steve, have been paintballing for around 8 years, turned 30 this year and moving on to some different things to break in my 30's lol.

My commitment to paintballing has waned over the past year or so, I've grown tired of the mess, cleaning and striping my gun in the armory between every round because of the rubbish paint that most sites sell breaking and getting chopped (most won't allow you to use your own paint as they charge such a premium for it!). Most of my team has also moved on to other things, to the point we can no longer compete. I decided then that it's time to move to airsoft, meet some new faces and try some new places / gear. I really want a more tactical realistic warefare experience as well and so I am moving to airsoft to try and find that.

I primarily play a sniper, which in paintballing can be very challenging (weight of the rounds and instability, curving, swollen paint etc, not to mention the noise being a dead give away), a scope is near useless in paintball (you can use a scope on a side feed) it is certainly an art in it's self often requiring tracer rounds to mark your accuracy, but I want to actually experiencing sniping properly now, with a good rifle, a scope that you can actually use (I long for an accurate scoped rifle!) and in a tactical scenario. I also had a number of other arms for CQB, as when it wasn't possible to snipe, I liked to be up front in the action as well.

I've found a site local to me which is good news, and I'm going down there on Saturday to see what the site is like. I have also owned a couple of airsoft markers before a number of years ago (a gas M4 replica and a TM blowback DEagle), which I found very good, I attended a couple of 'walk on's' where you could take your own kit, and I had a good deal of fun, but this was in the height of my paintballing career and I was due to play in a regional tournament shortly after, I was committed to my team and although I wanted to persue airsoft a bolt failure ended up with me selling to fund more equipment and upgrades for the tournament.

In more recent years I've stuck with paintball mainly because of the money and time I've put into it over the past years, and out of loyalty, but I've decided it's time to move on now. I'm committed to giving airsoft a go even from my limited experience of it years ago, and I've sold most of my paintball gear in the past couple of weeks in preparation, I've also today just put my remaining most trusty paintballing gear up for sale to partly fund a move to airsoft.

Anyway, here I am. I'm hoping to get involved as soon as possible, and I've also been chatting to a local supplier who is starting up a team in my region, so who knows, if I adapt to the BB's from the paintballs quick enough maybe I can get involved in that.

I've been looling around a little too, and I'm hoping to move to something like a scoped PSG-1 and a G36k for mid range and CQB, as well as perhaps an MP5 for a quick draw when sniping.

Anyway, can't wait, this was one of the first forums that came up on google so I thought I would register and say hi - roll on the weekend!!!!





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Hi and welcome to the forums :)

As you say, definitely worth giving airsoft a try if your after something a bit more realistic. Also be worth going a few times so you can really get used to it. Airsoft should be a good deal cheaper for you I would of thought as BB's are an awful lot cheaper than paintball's and you can pick up a really good AEG for a lot less than a really good marker.

Let us know how you get on :D

Edit: Yes we have done rather well on Google, many forums below us are busier, but we haven't been around anything like as long as them. We are picking up a good deal of traffic though and I'm sure you'll find it active enough round here.



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welcome to the better and easier (sometimes!) side of life my friend :)



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HI steve
just wondered what site you have played at ? sound like you've got a good couple of guns lined up g36c are good mid to close range got one my self hasn't let me down yet im sure you will have much more fun as an airsofter.

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