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magpul or fagpul

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  • Guns: Systema PTW MK18
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    (WIP) US Army CAG multicam kit

  • Sites: Combat south Woodland (wickham)
    South Coast CQB
    Sandpit (very rarely)
just interested to know if people like it or not



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    custom built "M4A2"

  • Loadouts: DPM, Flecktarn, every so often MTP

  • Sites: basicly if i can find a site near were im at ill go
for airsoft not to much

if i hide maybe the stupid people will go away
I'm so gorgeous they want to put me under arrest



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Haha, I like this thread.

No, overpriced crap, you pay out of your nose for the name.
A few of their things I like, the UBR stock, moe stock, and mags other than that its ax load of overpriced rubbish.
I've had the whole moe m4 (when I was young and stupid) but now I realise how much money I wasted.
Too common too, evry m4 has fagpul all over it.

I much prefer vltor, and other makes.
Be unique.

Rant over.




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  • Guns: Tm Fam-as SV, trench gun (spinger), Tm Mk23, WE Hi-Capa 4.3, Ak74u spetz naz beta.

  • Loadouts: British dpm, french desert british deser dpm, black, Swiss arms vest, webbing etc..
i have a tm famas so not much in the way of magpul for me, tho i tried the bits for my mags and didnt look too bad actualy.



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  • Guns: G&G GR16
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  • Loadouts: DPM, Viper tactical assult vesst, viper leg holster. Stuff
Magpul MOE: Massively Over Expensive
You! I know you want a AK-47, buy this one: http://www.airsoft-f...showtopic=10182
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