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How you hold you aeg

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you may do now because the mags arent great, but you have ALWAYS held pistols like that. and said 'genrade'.

Send the doctors home, I'll be doing the operating around here.


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The Leprechaun!

The Leprechaun!

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Yeah, i like holding like that, its comfortable and works for me...

Deal with it... B)



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only one that really bugs me is the one with the stock hovering above the shoulder, watch 3 guys do that at the mall while clearing a room. all dressed like us marines in brand new mulitcam and bump helmets. yeah their gear looked nice but they cleared a huge room one behind the other. you can tell a seasoned airsofter to a cod softer a mile off



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yeah one shouts breaching breaching the other pops a grenade in

if i hide maybe the stupid people will go away
I'm so gorgeous they want to put me under arrest



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@Matt, I agree completely with the "I have a foregrip, but I think I'll hold the magwell instead". Just use the damn thing!

Anyway, right hand on the pistol grip, left hand on the handguard supporting the weight. Oh, and arms down by my hips, so I can run forwards and shoot like Rambo. Cos if it works in the movies, its gotta work in real life, right?

Actually, unless I'm firing from a static position and using the rear grip (left arm folded infront of the chest, hand firmly on the grip), I have it shouldered as SA80 types are meant to be ("the proper way"). Finger is always hovering above the safety bar, ready for the moment I actually need to go from 'boring' to 'shooty'. Will admit that for comfort or practical reasons my elbow moves around a fair bit, just because after 8 hours, 15lbs of steel can get a bit heavy.
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Mitchell Gee

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after 8 hours... 15lbs of feathers can also get a bit heavy...

I hold my gun 'the proper way' as you guys have dubbed it... unless im laying down, then i tend to do a little chicken wingin' to get stable... I use a foregrip and I do use it... but not like most do... magpul dynamics style (bottom half of hand on grip, rest on the rail or rail cover) very stable indeed :) pistol I guess I must be holding correctly... as a police firearms instructor showed me :) dominant hand on grip, with the fleshy but between your index finger and thumb pressed firmly against the top bit :P with your left hand joined like i jigsaw with the right one with the right (or left, depending on your dominant hand) above the other...
Formally 'BatHat'

I skirmish around the Reading to Watford area, Mainly Red 1 Skirmish and The Mall, PM me if you skirmish there :)



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Well for the newer airsofter (like me) found this on u-tube from redwolf re stances and grips :)

Tactical Episode 03 - "11 Things You Should Know About Stances and Grips"



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i have the egyptian grip....aka where my left elbow is directly under the gun and and my hand is open, and just supporting the weight.

And my stance is always a cross body draw,

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