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Tips for Stirling Selection

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Hey all!

From what I know by the people that have done this it is not the same as a real SAS selection.
Stirling selection is a watered down version that is a challenge for people that want to give themselves something to aim for.
It doesn't' really have much to do with Airsoft as such.

It's more about personal challenge and goals.

Don't expect a weekend airsofting!
I'm not sure you'll even fire a weapon.

I've played the Blackhill Farm site with them and it's hardcore enough without the selection!
If you do decided to do it good luck!


Jacob Wright

Jacob Wright

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f*ck me! I just checked this post after about a year since I posted it and was amazed with some of the replies!

I will point out a fair few of the Stirling blokes are serving or ex-forces and they prefer it to skirmishing - I personally can't stand being told about tactics by a kid who can barely hold the weapon never mind use it lol!

I can see why some people might think of it as sad but hey - freedom of speech!

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some may say that sterling selection is sad.........but to say it is coz they take it to the next level, would be the same as saying that every one else is sad, coz its 13-40yo's playing with toy guns all dressed up trying to be the real thing.......and that airsofters pride themselfs on the fact that they can be more realistic then paintball......yet when a team of ex-sas come along and say........."we got the real deal here" you then say too much?. why is that.

after seeing that, i actually want to do it myself. i plan on doing it myself actually.
its not so much the whole i want to be in the army, for me its more the fact, its giving you basic combat training. with out the need to sign up for the army for 3 years risk getting killed.
thats my two sense any way.

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Just from reading the posts on here I think it sounds pretty cool.

A physical and mental challenge, but combined with airsoft! Is there actually a better sounding thing at all?

I love playing Battlefield PR and having to throw smoke grenades to cross roads, preparing for every eventuality etc etc.

I think it sounds really exciting, at least there you won't get idiotic, cheat calling, 5 year old brats and if you do, you can watch them fail, that's probably about as satisfying as giving them that punch in the face you always wanted to.

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Did anyone ever do this in the end?

Just seen it when having a look at another Stirling event not thinking about doing it but does anyone have any idea how far the running is In the six hour time limit?



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Looks fun but I'm a geek. What do you win at the end?

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