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Go pro camera

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Hey guy's my mate want's to get himself a Go Pro Hd camera I know I've seen people use them in airsoft before do you know what mounts the best to use and where the best place to the mount the camera is.

Thanks in advance
I'm now in love with Finnius for helping me find my stock



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Iv asked my girl friend to get me some small camara just for the odd game and I was just guns strap mine the frontend with black insulation tape for electrical wire it's about a 1 for small roll wear I work which has lasted me ages and iv strapped torches real strong stuff



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im currently doing a build where ive stolen the cameras from small portable HD devices, and mounted one to my helmet and one to my rifle, working on the wiring so that i can view the front cam via cinima glasses which im going to mount inside of the helmet.
if your plan is to upload the footage, id say mounting on the end of your rifle wouldnt be to grate, you would only be left with a limited amount of footage where the camera isnt pointed at the ground, but the footage you would get would be nice, so mounting it on your helmet would be better, but id also then say would be better of mounting it on your off side.
so if you shoot a rifle in your right shoulder, mount the camera on the left side of the helmet. you get a clearer view and proves most popular with people

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go pro make an nvg mount if you have one on your helmet

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