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http://www.justbbgun.....d=40703 FAMAS

Is this any good for a beginner?



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Its a cheap-o springer.

Do you plan on going to any skirmishes? Also what is your budget?.

You! I know you want a AK-47, buy this one: http://www.airsoft-f...showtopic=10182
Call me Red, Texas Red.....
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What cam said ^^

Mitchell Gee

Mitchell Gee

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If you want to skirmish you will need a budget if atleast around the 100 Mark If you just want to just have something for the back garden get anything but don't expect it to last long and expect to be laughed at if you go to a skirmish with it
Formally 'BatHat'

I skirmish around the Reading to Watford area, Mainly Red 1 Skirmish and The Mall, PM me if you skirmish there :)



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I wouldn't buy anything from Just BB there are tons of cheapish guns you can get if your new to Airsoft but that's not the site you really want to be looking on. There are a couple of things you could tell us to make it easier for us to help you out like:

Do you have a UKARA license
are you going to skirmish

And the likes something like a CA M4 tends to be popular as its cheap but gets the job done.
I'm now in love with Finnius for helping me find my stock



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My advice is do your research and buy quality even if you get a good quality gun secondhand, always possible to pick up a used bargain.

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