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Battery Question

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Hey folks,

I have a fairly strong spring in my AEG (doing about 340fps), it's got an MS100SP Spring (Prommy) and the gearbox turns over fairly well (fps can sometimes be a little inconsistent, but that's a seperate dealio).

I was basically wondering whether it is normal that a 600mah 8.4v battery wouldn't be able to turn over a gearbox running the MS100 spring more than a few times, or is my battery a dud? I heard something somewhere about 600mah being too little to get the proper voltage to even rack off more than a few shots...

Any advice much appreciated.



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I have never used a 600mah battery. But voltage is constant (unless of corse its a dud) you will tend to drop of by about 10% if it's flat. The problem is more Likley caused by a drop of in current simple answer is to buy a new battery. You can get a 8.4 1300mah mini for around 12 failing that you could put a meter on the battery then read the drop under load. Ie put meter across the battery the with it plugged into the gun then squeeze the trigger and see how much you drop of anymore than 10% would suggest a dud cell requiring a new battery.
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