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Help me source some parts!

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Hi folks,

Throughout my airsoft career, I've noticed that the websites we buy from never really have much detail about the products they sell, a lot of it is left to the buyer to figure out, and unfortunately, that's sometimes a little difficult, or everything is out of stock, never to be restocked.

I've got myself a fixer-upper and I need some parts, I've found a few possibles here and there, but nothing fits the bill, either that or I can't find the stuff at all.

If anyone knows where I could get anything matching the following descriptions, I'd be really grateful:

-An outer barrel extension suitable for the threading at the end of an AK barrel (14mm ccw I think), with a flashider attachment at the end.
-Boxsets of AK Midcaps, metal or plastic.
-A decent fast charger that doesn't cost the earth but is easy to understand, comes with mains attachment and large/small tamiya connections.
-A replacement tray for the inside of an AK, where a battery would sit if it were a folding stock version.
-A new reinforced selector lever, with all the external parts (including the washer and the thing the lever sits on).
-A new set of body screws and nuts for an AK.

Any help much appreciated :)





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For the charger look up component shop. They won't have exactly what you want, but if you give them a call explaining that you want a fast charger with adapters for both regular and mini tamiya connections they'll be able to sort it out for you no problems. You won't really need anything that can charge over 1A if you want to keep it cheap.



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When I do a rebuild, I always go to forums and dig about the second hand sales threads

people are always breaking AK's so that would be your best bet , What make is your AK ?




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@Devastator: I'll give them a ring closer to my next student-loan (or as it's come to be known "airsoft related wallet emptying day") payment. I used to use a propeak but they seem to have either gone from the market or be way more expensive than the one I picked up. Thanks :)

@JohnnyJ: I've been browsing forums for a while and I've picked up a few bits, but the above stuff just isn't coming out anywhere, a lot of the stuff, especially screws etc is either commonly lost or most people just chuck it thinking it's no use to anyone :( It's a JG Beta Spetz with a few higgldy piggldy parts here and there.

Cheers guys :)

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