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airsoft tales

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Right, I'm bored. To cure my boredom ill need something to do, so I thought asking for any stories of games or battles you've had is a good idea. Funny, painful, greatest success, failure- whatever, give me what you've got :)



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Right, I'm bored. To cure my boredom ill need something to do, so I thought asking for any stories of games or battles you've had is a good idea. Funny, painful, greatest success, failure- whatever, give me what you've got :)

Leading a 10 man bayonet charge towards the village and killing around 11-14 people... then getting mowed down by by TWO M249's.. it hurt
You! I know you want a AK-47, buy this one: http://www.airsoft-f...showtopic=10182
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At my last skirmish there was a big game where a huge area of the site was used, in proportion to the number of players.
Near the end of the game, my brother and I tried to flank the enemy and we got a few, but then my brother got hit. I managed to hold my position for a few more minutes, but I got overwhelmed. So I began the long, long trek back to the regeneration point. During this trek I passed through an old, deserted paintball village which was like a ghost town. I ditched my M4 and brought out my pistol where I searched some of the buildings, a bit like I was in an apocalypse movie :)
Eventually, I got back to the regen point, but there was nobody around and everywhere was silent, really creepy! So, I went back to the safe zone where I found everyone. Obviously they had no idea the adventure I had been on.
Sounds lame, but that was the best game experience I have had while skirmishing so far, it really felt like I was in a totally different world.
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Best skirmish was one at the end of teh day, the rain had started to come in HARD and we were pushing hard ans fast in a rolling regen game, down the riverbed, awesome atmosphere, even if I couldnt see due to goggles steaming.

best play I have had:

we were defending a base on a hill (the CP) and i saw a guy sneaking to our left, so followed him. I stalked him for about 10 mins as he made his way to our base over the top of us, just as he raised his gun to shoot at our sniper at the back of the base, I shot him. 3 rounds across his back.... nice
I continued over the top of our base and caught 2 more guys offguard attacking the base.
by now, the whole base had been overrun, but the objectives had not been stolen, so it was still game on.
I walked down to the base with the 3 dead players and there was a congregation of about 12 enemy players searching for the objective, and I casually ask 'so who here is hit and who is still alaive?' all my team are dead... none of theirs are.
'oh alright, cool'
*flicks selector into full auto*
hit everyone of em on the hill, only just clipped on my hat by someone halfway down the hill who heard the massacre.

Kill-death ratio from that:
12 -1

awwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

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i had a similar experience in an old shadowopz area.
we were assaulting a (cardboard) village with about 15 guys there was token resistance which was quickly snuffed out we then hunkered down for 20mins waiting for the expected assault, which never came me and 2 girls (WAG) went out to find higher ground because our radio's weren't working, we came back to find a single sleeping guy who woke up and seemed very confused that noone else was there, we heard a group, which turned out to be the enemy, going through the village which we promptly wiped out and then found out that endex was an hour ago.


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