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ca m15a4 rewirig

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can any1 help me i need to help on rewiring it to go to a crane stock. any1 able to help me or give me advice




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you can buy a rear wired set from firesupport for 30


If your looking to sell the front wire set, do let me know :)

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if it was me and i will be doing something very similar id not bother with the pack and just source the parts and self channel the wires staying away from any moving parts. the gearbox should be very simple to rewire from with a soldering iron just be carefull to place the fuse somewere safe! many dont bother with a fuse but id be playing it safe as you could blow ure motor although their cheap u dont wanna keep buying them.

Also you way want to mod ure crane stock space with a dremmel so you can put a nunchuk style decent lipo in there and this can be done very easily buy cutting away the internal edges of the battery space as a friend and i did also cranes are exellent donors to place a lipo monitor in the butt of the stock as a few clever drilled holes will show you ure green or red light.

i have had people have problems with the crane stock housing the fuse as it impairs with the stock movement. their is a web site u may want to check out and possibly get the work done buy as he is exellent at custom mods and thats www.airsoftupgrade.co.uk he is VERY reasonable and deals with all aspects of upgrades and mods.
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