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Sitting Duck

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But if you did message them and BBGuns4Less have given that reply themselves

then I think they have just seriously shot themselves in the foot - for real


shame coz they recently got their UKARA status and was kind of trying to improve

their range of stuff - if they have foolishly replied like that though to a customer

then I think they may future customers may become a very rare thing now....


dunno how all the message stuff works hence me just seeking clarification or if others

can see if it went to a forum section and others replied or if BBG4L really think this of

their customers.....





Jive-ass dude don't got no brains anyhow


New players - please - pretty please read the guides first in New Players Section

An absolute must read is this one:




plus a search is less keystrokes that creating same ol' new posts again & again - what to buy etc....



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I would never post anything that wasn't correct was a message I sent to their Facebook page but I will recheck to in case message has gone to a bogus company as the company will have to look at this if that is the case, as I would imagine if is a bogus page then this could be causing some serious issues. I tried to call them on numerous occasions to discuss but straight to their answering service.



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Simon thank you for your advice, I will recheck in case bogus page and if that is the case I will remove comment and apologise, as you can imagine I was very shocked to receive a reply such as this. If is a bogus page then the genuine company will have to report as could seriously damage their reputation as I am sure others will have had similar responses.



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I wish I'd visited this site before I made the mistake of making a purchase from bbguns4less.co.uk - they overcharged me, the kit was very poor quality and customer service is non-existent.  I've sent them countless emails and tried calling them but they are just ignoring me as they seem to do with everyone after they have the money.  Scammers and charlatans... allegedly.  The owner of the company, Jonathan Crick, also owns bungeetrampoline.com - if his safety record is anything like his business ethics then I wouldn't let my kids within 5 miles of his equipment.


I'll do some proper research here before buying anything else - if by some miracle bbguns4less.co.uk realise that in the internet age unhappy customers can warn lots of people about dodgy practices then I will update my post.



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Maybe this is just me, I am after all a pedant, but the spelling on the website is so atrocious- it would scare me to part any money with them whatsoever.

Sure, spelling and grammar don't preclude anyone from running successful businesses, but first impressions count...


On another note, a friend returned a couple of faulty items recently, sent them back by courier; and received a refund without issue a few days later.


That aside, an awful lot of the stuff on there is very much on the toy side and am not in the least bit surprised breaks quickly. The bizarre thing is, a lot of their "higher end" stuff I've seen is proportionately very expensive when you compare it to real airsoft equipment (that you can often have two toned FOC).



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The thing is, the site sells guns that only sites like it sell. The LS m9 is a perfect example. I can find that on other sites such as "OnlyBBGuns" but bbguns4less sell them cheaper.

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