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Steyr Aug

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How do i increase the power/distance/fps on this.....

Would changing to a metal hop up help?

All help would be appreciated... im making do with this rifle till i get a new one for my birthday.... fingers crossed



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Depends when your birthday is to be honest. My JG AUG was fine out of the box. I bought a few gearbox parts and got it running more smoothly, and the new hop-up made it much more accurate. BE (the manufacturer of your AUG) made it very cheaply and rather nastily. That is more of a plinker than a skirmishable weapon, methinks.

The only thing you need for the FPS/range would be one of these, though it may break your gearbox considering it's so cheap: http://www.patrolbas...m110-spring.htm
QUOTE (PeteJC21 @ Oct 29 2011, 06:19 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Does it come with a pair of sunglasses?

If the guy was unarmed and you ended up putting him in a blender you'll get in trouble.



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yeah the BE one isn't the most expensive gun, but it does have good range and internals...kinda lol well i am told it is a metal gearbox but Amy, you will need another mag and battery etc.

It's ares, it'll be ok...

for 5 minutes :lol:

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I wouldn't really say it is worth messing with, just wait until you get something more solid :)

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