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A Good Airsoft Gun for a Begginer?

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This year I have been playing lots of paintball. I used to win trophies all the time. I was always the youngest there, except for 1 or 2 times. The people always called me manoeuvrable because of my size compared with the older ones. I suppose they where right hehe. Ok back to the point I am now 1 year older. The other day one of my mates from school has asked me if I wanted to go airsofting with him. I was like whats that? So I did some research online and stuff on what it was and it looks like a MILLION times better than paintball. I also watched some footage online on youtube. Now, I know the place where I am going to play but I was wondering what gun to use. I live in the Uk so prices in british pounds only. Has anyone got a good idea on what gun to use ( a link to a website would be nice) and if the price was under 150 pounds (that's my budget). I am a pure begginer at this so what guns would be good for me, sniper?
Thanks for your help



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Hi my name is fergy
the question you asked as to which gun as a beginner and with a budget of 150 well have i got news for you there is a shop called Zeroone in dorset and they are selling JG G36c for arround 100 and i can recomend them as i use them in my arena (conflictzone-airsoft.co.uk ) as hire guns they are reliable and have a good range and rate of fire and they also look good.

I hope this has answerd your question.
Richard Ferguson



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Hi there guy. I am kinda new to airsoft too but have spoken to almost every one I could at my local site about a good starter gun and the brand they seem to suggest is Jing Gong. They make (from what I am told) very good TM clones that are normally with in the FPS limit for most sites.

Here are some links to site with reasonable priced JG guns

http://www.phoenix-supplies.co.uk/ <- Not too bad for prices but limited selection

http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/ <- Very good range of all stuff including webbing and accessories

http://www.actionhobbys.co.uk/ <- Good range of guns and a good price too (a few quid cheaper than Land Warrior)



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Dont bother with a sniper rifle until youve played out, saying that youve played paintball so you have a rough idea of the game. Does sitting down really quietly for ages waiting for that right shot suit your gameplay?
Remember your going to have to prove your a skirmisher to buy a RIF unless you buy a two tone.
I can thoroughly recommend JG as a good make, Ive had quite a few and they are well built, good to go out of the box (usually) and great fun.

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