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Tokyo Marui Tracer

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Had my Tokyo Marui Tracer for nearly a month now.
Used it once at my local CQB site.
And all i can say is that its amazing!!
Not does it look really really cool, you can see every shot you fire so its so so easy to hit people through the smallest gaps.
And half way through the night anytime anyone seen the tracers being fired towards them...they hid...and they didnt come out :D

Disadvantages. If i had to pick something it would probably be that it scratches too easily and it is obvious that when your firing off glowing BB's your position is given away. But for me in CQB it doesn't really matter.

Well worth the money every bit!



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Ive been shot at by them on many occasions, I have to admit they are very cool :)
Saxon Airsoft's Youtube Channel:



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Sorry I'm a newb.
So to use tracer ammo you 'charge' it with a light source like a flashlight but the tracer unit charges the BBs when they are coming from the barrel? Because obliviously if you just leave your BBs in the mag they're going to run out of charge after like three seconds...

I like the idea of the magazine with a light in as well but are they only STANAG (M4/M16) magazines available?



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Yeah - it looks like a silencer but has a sensor internally that causes a strobe to flash every time it detects a bb being fired through it. It's such a quick intense burst of light that it charges the bb as it goes. They look incredibly cool, but give your position away ;) Doesn't stop me using mine!

As for the mags, they just constantly have a low power led on internally so the bbs are permanently charged, but they tend not to be as bright as the strobe so they don't glow as brightly. I have seen AK versions too.

If you're good with a soldering iron, you can buy the bits at Maplin and make your own. You could use a high cap, drill some little holes in it to poke the LEDs into, glue them in place and then connect up a battery which you can just tape to the side of the mag!

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