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What Webbing Set?

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Mitchell Gee

Mitchell Gee

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  • Loadouts: S95 BDU's
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    Hi-tech Fiftypeaks boots
ok so im looking for webbing cus i can customixe it to my own needs... i have found these two...

British S95 6Pcs:
That would do me good... but it looks a bit worn...

German Flecktarn:
its good but i'll have to buy extra pouches... which will cost more... also wouldnt match my British Loadout...

i wanna hear your opinions... so i work out how many chores i have to do to get the money...
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British webbing, the stuff is solid built and really cheap if you wanna add more stuff on!

Wont let you down, :)

Posted Image

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  • Guns: have: ics cxp, cyma ak tactical, 2x ak beta spetz, owned lots

  • Loadouts: Ukranian TTSKO + assault vest, or OD PLCE



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s95 all the way :D
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  • Guns: None yet, MP5K broke. Looking for an M4A1 though! :)

  • Loadouts: DPM full kit, PLCE webbing.
PLCE! I've had it for a while and it's amazing! Great pouches, may wanna buy another utility pouch but this is the way to go. True British kit and the British army use it, and they are the best trained army in the world so... ;) GET PLCE!

spells 'Winner'.

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