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gearbox question

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hi guys. could anyone tell me what gearbox is in the cybergun M4A1 S.I.R? ive tried the search button but cant find anything. also whats the best way to start upgrading to get a high rof? cheers



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Im not sure what box is in ther but i know its all metal cogs so the best bet would be to upgrade to metal bushings and wack a decent volt lipo battery on there. you could also put in a turbo motor but if u want a seriously high ROF ure looking at alot of gearbox upgrades and regular breakdowns. a friend of mines gun has a mega high ROF i mean it sounds like a minigun but he is forever changing (1nce every 3 months) his piston and cogs as they shred!
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If its a M4 it will be a V2 Gearbox... The make? i couldnt say....

But this comes with a warning.... Gearbox work is not easy task.... if you start incrsseing one thing you need to reinforce something else...

Take your plan for example... Higher ROF means the gears and piston are going to have to be moving twice as fast.... More friction more chance the part will break quickly.... So effectivly for talking about almost a whole gearbox change for a higher ROF

The ROF in airsoft dosnt mean much tbh... It only takes 1 BB (maybe more depending on the player.... :rolleyes: ) to get someone out... There is no need for a high ROF

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