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Walking to a house with a cased AEG?

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Just wanted to know, If I was for whatever reason stopped by the police while on my way, what am I supposed to do?

Every odd weekend me and friends go to my mate's house with a massive garden for some plinking etc. and I was told they would confiscate it (after an 'Open the case, please')? I'm 14, the gun is two-toned, the case has all essentials, including ammo in one compartment, and has several locks.
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Does it come with a pair of sunglasses?

If the guy was unarmed and you ended up putting him in a blender you'll get in trouble.




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Carry BB's in your pocket. BB's aren't illegal
Battery out of gun and disconnected and as many locks as possible on the case itself.
ideally, Keep ammo, batteries and guns in differnet locked compartments, but really they have no right to confiscate if you have done everything you can to prevent acidental discharge and hidden it from the public.

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Declear that you have a Airsoft Gun in there.... not a real one....

If you dont and they open it they will take it as a ossensive weapon and may cuff you



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A friend of mine was driving to a mates house on the isle of white and was stopped by the police due to a light out he informed the police immediatly he had the gun in the car but it was an airsoft weapon and that he was in the army and accustomed to weapons and all he was doing was going to a mates house. the pistol had no bbs in it but a magazine and they confiscated it immediatly. he did not have a ukara but he got it before the law come in. consequently he got away with a warning on the light and a confiscated glock 17.
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:angry: The police really p@& me off because they say if you're transporting an airsoft gun it has to be in a case hidden from public view but if they catch you they confiscate it, i just dont get it.

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