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How do you tell what type of battery gun needs?

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Hi all.
Once again posting a n00bie question and i apologise if anyone is reading this and thinks im an idiot :(

I've just ordered a G&P M4 V.S.B.R and still waiting for it to arrive. I never bought a battery with it.
How can you tell what battery it needs?
From all the different sizes and shapes it gets me really confused in which one exactly to order.
Is there anyway you can tell before receiving the gun?
And also only ONE charger is needed for ALL your batteries?

Thanks for reading and i appreciate all replies.




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I believe that takes a crane stock battery, and comes with a deans connection as standard (what I can see from pics, I may be wrong)

If so your best bet is to go here:

And go for this battery and select the connector to be Deans:
8.4V 1600mAh 2/3A NiMH Mini Cranestock Battery Pack. (4 + 3)

Charger wise, any of these will do, however you may have to solder a deans connector on the end or buy an adpater:

Deans connector can be found here (you'd need to get a single male one):

Or as I said above you can make your own custom adapter lead at the bottom of this page (which would need to be the type of connection coming from the gun to whatever type of connector you select on the battery):

If you want to be sure about things it would be best to wait till you get it and then post pics if still unsure.




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did some research on the stock, says

Maximum can fit 9.6V 1600mAh twins type battery.

so i would say this


however G&P say

Battery: Advise using 7.2v or 8.4v Battery

So your choice my friend if you want an 8.4 or a 9.6

Posted Image

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something to think about is that using a too high powerd battery will screw up your internals eventually. If it were me id go for the larger of the advised batterys until you have uprated a few things like piston and bushings etc, that way you dont get any nasty failures. others might disagree but i air on the side of i want my gun to last!
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Thats only when you get into LiPos....

9.6V should be fine



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Thats only when you get into LiPos....

9.6V should be fine

I use lipos and so far they've been great. As long you use them properly and charge them as soon as you get home from airsoft they will work. On normal batteries the performance drops as the battery runs out however on lipos as the battery gets lower the performace stays more or less the same, but if the lipo reaches 0 battery it will break. B)
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