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M4 Magazines

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Hi there after a skirmish today i came away with a broken ics magazine for my M4A1 plus 2 dead batterys (mate had to lend me his spare battery).

Does anybody know any other mags worth buying other than ics, as i have a cheap chinese mag and it feels like my shots are droping of real quick when i use it.

Or does anybody know where is cheapest to pick up an ics m4 magazine?

I kinda like the M4 ics canadian mags but can only find this on zeroone but they are totaly out of stock!

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mags have naff all to do with BB's dropping. Your hop unit and barrel do. Adjust your hop properly. Turn it up till the bb's are starting to fly up when you shoot, and then turn it back down a little. A badly fitting magazine will cause feeding issues, so you will get misfires, double shots, jams etc. these can also be caused my types of BB, some guns like certain makes of BB over others. They will double feed and shoot blanks on one type and be great on others (my real sword type 97b does not like strike master, but does like blaster. Strike masters work in my ak's though fine)

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