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Motor/pistol grip query

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Hi guys,

I've just swapped my stock M4 pistol grip for a nice magpul MOE grip. All went well, the gun is in working order.

However, it does seem a good bit louder than it was before and i think there is a rogue screw causing problems...

When I took the old grip off i noticed that the two screws holding the grip to the body of the AEG were damaged, the heads were practically stripped. Annoying cos the rest of the gun is very well put together (King Arms). When i came to screw them back on with the new grip one went in fine but the other one was so damaged that i couldn't get it all the way flush, so it's still sticking out a little. I have a feeling the bottom of the motor MAY be resting against the rogue screw.

The gun fires okay (although i haven't had time to test it in full yet) but i wanted to know if you guys think this will be likely to cause any problems at all, other than a bit of extra noise from vibrations, and wether i should worry about this or not?


- jb




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It'd only be a few quid to buy some new screws so I'd just do that. Then if it continues you know that it could be something else elsewhere.



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Try a star or torx drive... thats what i try when the heads are rounded

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