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ASG/well/maruzen L96 internals

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Elder brother has the ASG .308 (L96) and has about 250 to play with initially
He wants accuracy ovber anything else and is thinking longer barrel with suppressor for covering it (the longest he can find that is 6.01 and from a decent maker)

Me not being a sniper by any stretch of the imagination has no idea over it, so any help is welcome. also, if someone else has posted what you were going to say, a second opinion is always good to clarify any details ;)


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a pdi 6.01 500mm barrel is good but expensive.promtheus m14 barrel fits.get a good hop rubber.

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Nice necropost.. and 6.03 is better than 6.01 for accuracy, and an M14 barrel won't fit unless you get a new hop up and rubber too.

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Personally I don't see how having a super long barrel will help give it great accuracy.
Things I would do is 6.03 or 6.05 Prommy or madbull barrel.
New hop unit and rubber
Barrel spacers
Heavy weight BB .4s or .43s.
That's the contributors to accuracy.

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