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ww2 guns

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im hugely intrested in the world war 2 period and would love a gun from this period, i am looking for bolt action rifles from this period, preferably the mosin-nagant or lee enfield but if you could advice me on where to get the arisaka or kar98k i would love it



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There not bolt action... But there still from the world war period

But your best bet is here





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Shoot and scoot make a Lee enfield but there really expensive, best bet is a Kar98 is you REALLY want a bolt action and don't get the shell ejecting one from Dboys its just not practical picking up all those shells in a game, your best of getting a Thompson or MP40 imo there great all rounders and look the part!


they also make an M1 from an m14 you should check there products.

hope this helped.

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