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2 Tone Guns

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Right now I'm 16, I'm going to start going airsofting soon and I know that it will cost a bomb to hire guns until I'm 18 and UKARA registered. So like many people I plan on getting a two tone gun. Something like this http://actionhobbies...ne_AQODT.aspx?0 (*Drools* Gotta love the G36)

My question is, how easy is it to modify a two tone gun to an RIF (once I'm fully legal of course). Basically I want to know if it's worth buying a cheap TT gun for now and then getting an RIF that I really falll in love with. Or should I go for the gun I really like, get it two toned and then remove the two tone after I am registered.




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Well if your looking to replace the body parts?? (Handgard, Rail System and Stock) it can mount up the cost, now i am NOT i G36 guy so i couldnt tell you the price but i recon it ant going to be cheap....

You could go the old respray job but you will need ALOT of prep and ALOT of layers to cover up the bright stuff because of the parts beeing made out of brightly coloured plastics

I would just buy a new RiF because the TTs are usally on the lower end of quialty (internaly). Now you could replace i internals but this requires now how and alot more money then the gun is worth.....

Its up to you TBH oh and your airsoft budget ;)






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TTs are usally on the lower end of quialty (internaly)

utter rubbish, most (if not all) manufacturers use the same internals for their IF's as their RIF's


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It depends on how the RiF was made into a 2T.

If it has moulded plastic in a bright colour then (unless you can find suitable paints, like Krylon) you'll need to buy new parts. Cost depends entierly on the make and manufacturer of the gun. Classic Army, are very easy to get new parts for (well, there G36 family anyway) However, I believe they are fairly expensive (someone was gave me a quote for a new G36C handguard @50)
But, I have no idea of JG and SRC's spare parts. I'll be honest, I've never seen any. It might be worth wile to see if spare parts (rails/handguard) ever come up on eBay.

If it was painted - a paintstipper should work (NOT sandpaper or a file - ruins the body work). But, word of advice - make sure the kind you use does not melt or dissolve plastic(s). For example, using white spirits or turps on a G36 plastic body, won't really work out well...unless you like your G36's looking like they came out of an abstract painting...
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