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Where are you guys from?

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    AF-UK Newbie

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  • 17 posts

  • Guns: Classic Army m15a4 (Magpul MOE)
    KJW M700P
    WE 1911 MEU

  • Loadouts: MTP Uniform
    OD Load Carrying

  • Sites: Skirmish Airsoft
I be from t'old Sheffield, play at pretty much any site within an hours drive.



    AF-UK Regular

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  • 124 posts

  • Guns: ICS AK-74
    G&G M14
    KWA M93R
    Custom L110a

  • Loadouts: Russian MVD Loadout
    K6-3 Helmet
    Britkit MTP loadout

  • Sites: Skirmish - Mansfield
    YTA - The Strines Sheffield

from Sheffield, live in Leeds.





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  • PipPipPipPipPip
  • 6585 posts

  • Guns: Silverback PP-19 CM.048 TM/Inokatsu AK-47S Vz61 A&K SVD SRC G36KV IKS-74U Ares L1A1 CM.028U Makarov

  • Loadouts: Soviet Afganka, KGB Special Units, British DPM, Black BDU, Urban Guerilla, Tan Camo, Custom Bum-Rig

  • Sites: Skirmish Airsoft Wood+CQB, The Stan, Ground Zero, Brit Tac Barnsley, Tac House Spartan

My new collar tabs:


















...yer lilly-white-lardy-puds!

:P  The Emperor of Off Topic   :P

Take a definite positive step to help the ongoing modernisation of British Society


join etsy.com for cool handmade stuff and eastern european militaria <= and get me a fiver

save money >> check this (i've saved loads more since then) now click this

Battlefield Cyber Warfare Specialist w/ 314th Mobile Mess Tin Repair Unit (Chairbourne Assault Division)



    AF-UK Addict

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  • 1147 posts

  • Guns: we scar h aeg

  • Loadouts: fbi type load out

  • Sites: Maw,gfa
Im another leicester player suprised ive not seen you yet dev

i like my guns how i like my women,loud
My ops are so black not even i can see them

All the guns ive owned:uhc w700,src g36c,kwa 1911a1,g&g gr-16,Tm l96 aws,g&g cm-16,ics m16a3,ics m16 ras dmr,we glock 17,we scar l cqc, Ares aw338,

sr-25,we scar h aeg



    AF-UK Regular

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  • 373 posts

  • Guns: M4 custom
    G36kv w/ris
    ak47 tac w/ris
    MP5 w/ris
    Hi-Capa 5.1'K1
    USP, S&W mp45

  • Loadouts: Muticam/MTP:- helikon trousers,ubacs,windproof smock x2,operators cap
    magnum boots (tan)

  • Sites: Combat south woodland

born and breed in Southampton

The Leprechaun!

The Leprechaun!

    AF-UK Regular

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  • 230 posts

  • Guns: KWA M4A1 RIS
    WE XDM
    KJW Glock 19

  • Loadouts: FG A-TACS (UBACS and Gen III style trousers)
    OD RICAS Compact
    (Plus DPM and UCP)

  • Sites: HALO MILL

Originally from Huddersfield, now at Leicester Uni (coming up to the end of my 2nd year)

Dan's Ark

Dan's Ark

    AF-UK Regular

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  • 129 posts

  • Guns: Classic Army M15A4 (Collapsible stock)

  • Loadouts: None currently.........starting again!

  • Sites: Gun Ho Airsoft, Guisborough (Now closed)
    NTAC, Durham
    Northern Alliance Airsoft, Dishforth

I think I'm one of very few (if not the only) person here who is from Middlesbrough. I'm a dirty northerner. :P

AF-UK's number 1 northerner. :P





    AF-UK Addict

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  • 1893 posts

  • Guns: cyma krinkov

    ..and a some other ones

  • Loadouts: Docs n shorts!

    high speed, low drag!

  • Sites: Swedish forests..

    TWA Anerley
    Epsom bunker

2009 for the win!



born n raised in the dark forests of Sweden.


Living in Brixton, London. very much opposites. home sick every so often... right now I'm just sick, which is in many ways a lot worse :(

I had a similar issue with my ICS AK hicap, threw it against a tree and bob's your uncle.


my toygun is better than your toygun
serious stuff / AK picture thread



    AF-UK Addict

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  • 1943 posts

  • Guns: 1 or 2

  • Loadouts: Fat Guy in MTP
    FAT NINJA!!!
Born/raised/living in Hull 30+ miles to nearest airsoft site :(

Things i am after :-


TM FA-MAS parts! (hop, flash hider assembly, and trigger guard)

FA-MAS hi caps!




"UKARA registration number, which is as close to a licence as a Tesco Club Card.~ Ian_Gere"



    AF-UK Addict

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  • 1689 posts

    WE GLOCK 17 GEN 4

  • Loadouts: ATACS FG.

Cheshire, North West me.



    AF-UK Regular

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  • 198 posts

  • Guns: G&G Raider L in desert tan&black, Sig P229, Glock 17c(AEP)
    spas shotty.

  • Loadouts: MTP pcs, Osprey Mk4a plate carrier with pouches

  • Sites: Slaughter House Airsoft.

Beverley near Hull, But I've also lived in York, Bridlington and Hull, Not an airsoft site in spitting distance :(

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