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Couple of guns for Trade

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Ok, looking for somthing different and I only have a small collection at the moment, due to me selling off my old collection a while ago.
I am open to all offers so am after nothing specific.
First gun:

Gun/Model: Glock 26
Accessories: One or two mags

Posted Image
Posted Image

second gun:

Gun/Model: M9
Accessories: One or two mags, Under rail, possibly two silencers.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Third gun:

Gun/Model: USP Compact
Accessories: One Leaky Mag (Non functioning)
Condition: Externally very nice, will need a new mag valve, or new mag. It had hammer
problems that I fixed, had to disable the safety to stop the issues, can be
reversed, as I just fixed it onto Fire. The gun itself Has not been tested properly
as I only own a leaky mag, but I have tested the gun extensively in every other
area, the gun cycles and feeds every round properly, the hammer functions and
the slide locks back nicely.

Posted Image
Posted Image

However if anyone has a KJ Mag I could test this with, I would be very greatful, unless I manage to sell somthing, then I can get a new mag from Z1 for 18

And the 4th gun is just a possibliliy as I am currently using it as a wall hanger:

Make: HFC
Gun/Model: Silver Revolver
Accessories: Six Metal Shells
Condition: Shells are in perfect condition, the actual gun is in great condition all over
except by the hammer, where the body has cracked (Should be seen in the
pictures) I have has the gun apart and have sealed it up so that there are no air
leaks. It does fire, not very powerful, but these guns arent that powerful anyway
Only really good for CQB, but due to the crack, I wouldn't knock it about too

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Everything sorted there, just Pm me with any offers.



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uhc super 9 for m9



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would you consider swapping a m805a rifle two tone for the kjw usp



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i have

tm p90 trirail boxed like new with sling silincer
ics sport line m4 boxed like new




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Thread is nearly 4 months old, your best bet is to pm the user.


How do we get dev to appear, Rub a magic lamp ? :P





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that thread is over 2 years old budd posted july 2010
i am the punishment of god if you had not committed great sins,god would not have sent a punishment like me upon you

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