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Where is most reliable?

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Sgt. Daem

Sgt. Daem

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Right. I've taken a look through this forum, and I've seen people mentioning many different places to get Airsoft guns that they recommend, but have also said that they have been cheated out of money.

So I was wondering, where is the best place to actually get a reliable gun?

I've taken a look at the Wolf Armouries site, but I haven't seen anyone post on here about them.

I saw on the thread to read first that one of the good guns to get as your first one is a CYMA AK (I think thats how you spell it).
Now I have googled it, but I don't really want to click on a random website and buy...as you know, EVERYONE can get onto google, and the store I've seen may be fake.

Sorry if this has been asked loads of times, I HAVE looked through a couple pages on here, and I have searched some of the shops I've come across, but a few of them sound like bots with the "This stores great, buy from here".

Yes, I know there's a list at the top of this forum as well but I just want to be sure I'm buying from the best possible place

Thanks for the help guys...I know how annoying us airsoft noobs can get sometimes :)




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Best thing to do is decide what product you want first. Then find out everywhere that sells it. Most places you will find will be fine, there are a few to avoid like SAS (Special Airsoft Supplies) for example, but any comments you have read on here are legitimate (not bots) and the list at the top of here can be trusted :)

You can never be sure with any online order that things will go through without a hitch, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong. If you don't like to take this very small risk then you can always try and find the nearest airsoft shop to you and go over there and see if they can order in what you want.



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I always tell newplayers to check out Action Hobbies

I have used them before there very good





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I used Airsoft World and Action Hobbies.
I've used both of them before (AW the most) and both are very good and helpful.
Only problem now is, that both of them seem to have a very limited stock of two-tones for newcomers. (But, AW has the option to two-tone some of their stock.)

Or, as Devastator said, see if you have a local store that will order them in. Mine does order guns in, which is very helpful.
(Also, a local supplier may be of use, should you need to get repairs)
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Airsoft scotland is a great place brought a few things off there very fast delivery and they reply to your questions if you contact them, also as jersey said action hobbies is good.

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Welcome to the forums :)



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Airsoft suply drop are pretty good, fast order turnaround and email response, they sell on ebay and via their own website

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