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HFC desert eagle gas leak

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Hi all,

This is my first post on here and im not much of a forum user anyway so bare with me.

Im wondering if anyone can help me with an issue im having with my HFC desert eagle. Ive had the gun for some time now, i used it regularly when i first got it, its a beast to say the least. And after a while i swapped to green gas as i was told by several people that the gun could more than handle it. The gun worked better than fine on green gas for some time. However one day it started emptying the magazine of gas when it was fired. I might get one or two shots off before it emptied of gas but then it was useless. Hoping it was the mag not the gun i bought another, after only a short while the same has happened. Ive taken the thing apart. Lubricated the seals etc with no success. Im thinking the things gunna need to be fixed but just thinking is it something obvious that ive missed? Or a common issue with the HFC model? Otherwise im taking the thing to the shop.

Any help or advice here would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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