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Help with M9 Rapid Firing

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Hey guys,

Need some help.

I have a SOCOM M9. Put a few shots through it and the gun is now either double firing or rapid firing.

Does anyone know what could be problem?



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I had the same problem on my 1911. If you have a 3 pronged hammer spring in the back, bend the prong on the right (As if you were sighting the pistol) and bend it forward slightly. Got rid of that problem for me.
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It's definitely a problem with something in the trigger mechanism, I remember Cerbo Knight having a similar issue with a Sig a while back, if the above doesn't work you could try sending him a PM about it.

He's not been very active recently though, so you might be waiting a while for a reply.

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I've seen this problem before and i think it's to do with the sear. If it's worn down then it could be quite hit or miss in terms of engaging. Or the recoil spring could be too powerful., which would mean that the bbs would feed, but the hammer would not go far enough back, which would fire again when the slide goes back forward. Again, it is usually quite hit or miss, so it might fire 3 or 4 bbs full auto before the sear engages. Check your sear, check your recoil spring assembly and you should find the problem. 

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Holy nerco batman check the post dates mate ;)

Things i am after :-


TM FA-MAS parts! (hop, flash hider assembly, and trigger guard)

FA-MAS hi caps!




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