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Loaded airsoft rifle in the office

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I'm not an airsoft player and as a result I'd like to hear any opinions regarding this particular situation.

A guy in my office plays airsoft and owns a couple of airsoft weapons - one assault rifle and one shotgun. He's now brought both into the office - the shotgun today in fact.

The first occasion was the assault rifle, which of course prompted interest from fellow employees, who as you might expect, picked up the weapon and aimed it around the office and at other employees - all with his consent. The weapon was also fully loaded, but evidently this is okay because 'the safety is on'. At lunchtime he then took the rifle outside the office and destroyed an empty coke can - same with the shotgun today, which he loaded up in the office and allowed someone else to point all over the place.

I've played paintball a few times and I know that the good sites have very strict rules regarding loaded guns in non game areas. Now I guess I might be over reacting here - which is one of the reasons I'm posting - but from what I've read, this guys attitude doesn't really seem that safe to me.

I'm also wondering where the a person would stand from a legal point of view if they end up with a face full of airsoft pellets. Is the owner of the weapon, the company or the person firing it liable if someone get injured?

Sorry if this sounds like overt health and safety, but this individual seems to be flaunting some of the basic safety rules established by airsoft gamers.




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Basicly when not in a safe playing area (like a airsoft site were fellow players are waering eye protection) the mag sould be out the gun is should be on safe and the batt sould be at least disconnected

If this guy is alowing poeple to point his airsoft gun around the office i would take it up with your mananger etc because for one he souldnt be takeing it into the work place in the first place

Now if he shoots someone and thier seorisly injured i think it would be more of a spilt responsibilty 1 for the guy and 2 for the company leting him bring it in the first place ( becuase i am sure airsoft guns arnt covered in the RA's)

Like i said ask your manager or next highest pertson to speak to him about it because i dont know the guy but he might turn it on you....



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This guy sounds like a tool TBH. I would remind him of the laws that revolve around RIF's




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If he respected airsoft he should respect the firearm, an airsoft safety isnt really that "safe" as its just a connector on the gear, plenty of guns can be fired even with the safety on! he sounds like an idiot, why would you bring a firearm into the workplace? im surprised you didn't see an armed police raid :D

as what jersey said, take it up with the manager.

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Thanks for the replies guys and the advice. I'll sort it if he brings another one in.

why would you bring a firearm into the workplace?

Tbh, I think it was simply a case of good old fashioned showing off. Which is another reason he had it loaded I guess.

I have to say it's an interesting weapon as I'd never seen one before - just a pity about it's owner.

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